Retrospect 2021

Pfingstdialog Steiermark 2021

Reset Europe

In the midst of the digital transformation, and in the light of the environmental reorientation that is now essential, the effects of the pandemic present us with unprecedented challenges. Our liberal-democratic society with its personal freedoms and our successful market economy-based model for prosperity have been put at risk. There have been, and continue to be, so many new (for us) experiences: the slowing down, the restrictions, the accelerated drive for digitalisation, solidarity, fear. What is this new transformation now doing to our society, our cultural diversity, our personal freedoms, our business models, our political decision-making structures, our art & culture, science & research? What does the future of Europe look like during and after the coronavirus crisis?

What role can and will Europe play in the world generally? What will it take for Europe to play a leading role? What future technologies do we need to master? What strategic partnerships do we need to enter into? Which industries do we need to build up (again)? How can we best reconcile economic growth with protecting the environment? On which ethical, political and economic principles should Europe’s future be built?

Procedure & programme

Presentations, debates by experts and small workshop-style groups – the Whitsun Dialogue traditionally offers a diverse range of formats and ways of entering into dialogue, exchanging ideas and gaining a new perspective.

The Covid-19 pandemic requires that, in 2021, the event switches to a hybrid format.

The continuing unprecedented situation and the measures required to slow the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic mean that the Whitsun Dialogue cannot take place in the usual way as a purely face-to-face event. The 9th “Geist & Gegenwart” Whitsun Dialogue will therefore take place on 20 and 21 May 2021 with a slightly abbreviated programme and in a hybrid format.

Be there online!

Join in a high-calibre interdisciplinary and international sharing of ideas! The programme for the “Geist & Gegenwart” Whitsun Dialogue offers insights and perspectives, first-hand knowledge, stimulating debate and innovative solutions for the compelling issues of our times.

Make the most of the opportunity to follow discussions that are inspired by the unique atmosphere of Seggau Castle and involve interesting international speakers talking about the political, social, economic, cultural and technological challenges of the future for Europe in a digital age.

The Whitsun Dialogue events will be made available in the form of a free live stream on the website and through our media partnerships.

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The Whitsun Dialogues

The “Geist & Gegenwart” (“The spirit & the present”) Whitsun Dialogues that have been taking place at Seggau Castle biennially since 2005 reflect on the challenges and problems facing Europe and aspire to contribute to a sustainable dialogue about the future – not least in the form of the resulting statements and publications.

In addition, they always provide an assessment of the current state of “Project Europe”, its hopes and opportunities but also the risks and problems, how it is changing and the challenges it faces.
With eight events held so far, the Whitsun Dialogue – which involves Styrian universities and research institutions – has become established as a formal platform for fruitful interdisciplinary and international debate about fundamental principles of science and politics, set in the context of the southern Styrian border region, where four European cultures meet.